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Just 20 minutes from the hotel. You set in the imaginary triangle formed by the cities of Plasencia, Trujillo and Navalmoral de la Mata and the Tagus river as the backbone, find the Monfragüe National Park, a unique natural area, part of a territory declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2003.

And it Monfragüe, which owes its name to the Romans who called Mons Fragorum for being a craggy area, overgrown and inaccessible, has the largest and best preserved patch of Mediterranean forest worldwide. The wild mountains demarcating the valleys of the Tagus and the Tiétar host endless oak groves, Mediterranean forest and scrubland, rocky areas, reservoirs and streams; a typically Iberian landscape that makes possible the existence of such varied fauna and flora in the park.

Cork oaks, oaks, olive trees and oaks are tucked behind bushes driest own land. Together tinged with infinite shades of green and brown the bird observatory most visited by tourists, jumping gypsy. So, do not forget to schedule time on your route to enjoy the flight of black storks, vultures, vultures and imperial eagles, among many other birds that nest in trees and cliffs of Monfragüe.

But birds are only part of the more than 208 species of vertebrates that live in this natural sanctuary. Deer, civet cats, badgers, lynxes, wildcats, otters, snakes, tortoises ..., populate this area of ​​Alta Extremadura.

In the park you will also find the Castle Monfragüe, of Arabic origin, although almost nothing remains of the original construction. Princess lived in Noeima, legend has it that eternally roams the mountain after being punished by his father to fall in love with a Christian who leaked information to access the castle. But history has left more human footprint in Monfragüe, of Prehistory are many cave paintings. And also remarkable in the historical-artistic plane is the image of Christ of Victoria, known as the Cristo de Serradilla, imagery highly revered in the area.

Villarreal de San Carlos, the only urban center located within the park, find the Visitor Reception Center, the Water Interpretation Centre and the center of interpretation of nature, in addition to catering establishments, picnic areas and public services. Town which takes place annually the International Ornithological Tourism Fair Extremadura (FIO)

When you go to Monfragüe, while enjoying some of the routes traced along the entire park, do not leave without enjoying the views before one of the most spectacular scenery of the place, the Salto del Gitano. It is a cliff of 300 meters, a huge mass of quartzite that plunges over the Tagus river. And if you make a stop along the way, you can freshen up in the Source of the three pipes or the French.

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