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Considered for years one of the most inaccessible parts of Spain, this frontier region is home to spectacular scenery

Los rincones de Las Hurdes que te robarán el corazón
meander Melero

Historically, the region of Las Hurdes has been considered one of the most remote places of the Iberian Peninsula. Perhaps this reputation of inaccessibility, fed by isolation and harsh living conditions endured by its inhabitants during much of the twentieth century, has allowed this area of ​​northern Extremadura keeps alive today many of its natural charms and possesses landscapes able to steal the hearts of those who visit the place.

We propose eight places that is a must see when visiting this rugged region that has little to envy other as famous as the Jerte Valley.

1. Meander Melero: A semicircular bay window offers a breathtaking view of the meander of the river Alagón, located a few kilometers from Gabriel y Galán reservoir. The capricious ways that the river has sculpted the landscape in its wake meander make this one of the most beautiful of the Iberian Peninsula.

2. The puddle of Olla: This immense natural pool of 300 meters long is located next to the road leading to the village of Ladrillar. The pool is crossed by two covered bridges slate, the most abundant stone in the region. One of them allows the road to circumvent the Batuecas River, while the other is a footbridge that crosses the river Brickyard. The waters of both rivers meet at the end of the bridges and offer a picture almost movie. An old ruined mill or removable dam the natural pool of Las Mestas, every summer is installed, are some of the charms of this corner.

3. The bell Casares de las Hurdes: The peculiarity of this building, which stands in a small square hidden amid the convoluted layout of the streets of the town is that is separated by about four meters from the chapel of town. Originally its function was to call the meeting to residents of the town with its two bells. At present, it is possible to access it via a staircase and admire the views of the river valley Hurdano, full of olive trees and cherry trees.

4. The river meanders Malvedillo: The rugged terrain of the region is therefore all the rivers that run through having a winding route. Proof of this is the Malvellido, which has numerous meanders along the convoluted path. The most spectacular are under the viewpoint of El Gasco. The panoramic view, with the spectacular torrent of water from the river, the terraces and balconies, many of them in operation, and the remains of ancient buildings of popular architecture are a reflection of what was one of the poorest regions of Extremadura.

5. The Jet Meancera: The path that connects the town of Nuñomoral with Jet Meancera, waterfall where the stream of the same name born, offers an amazing landscape, the result of erosion over the centuries by the river . Cherry trees, a crater caused by a meteorite and a wild environment make this an unforgettable journey path.

6. The dam of the walls: Located in the municipality of Caminomorisco, was built in 1997 to retain the Capallar water stream. Surrounded by trees, a walk through the concrete dam of more than 21 meters tall and nearly 125 long offers a beautiful picture at sunset.

7. The river valley Esperabán: The road through the valley winding route runs parallel to the river and its meanders Esperabán. During the journey, the different farmsteads that are part of Pinofranqueado show the genuine charm of the peoples of the region of Las Hurdes.

8. Reservoir Pinofranqueado: Located in a beautiful and peaceful wooded area is an ideal place to spend a quiet day fishing or simply stroll contemplating the beauty of the environment enclave Los Angeles River, whose waters contain this small dam recent construction.

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